Expanse Activation

Tool of North America reached out with an opportunity to work on another amazing immersive installation. They were creating a full experience for fans of the hit show “The Expanse” on Amazon Prime, for San Diego Comi-Con 2019. The installation ushered fans onto the Rocinante (spaceship complete with actors and full set production) for a mission briefing of the events for season 4. My role was to design & animate the user interface of the control panels and ship graphics that the audience experienced. It was important that all of the UI felt true to the show but mainly told the story with GFX that could be triggered to visually convey complex plot points in the upcoming season. Complete with ship diagnostics, land scanners, topography reconstructions, and visual flight coordinates each panel had a specifically designed purpose for a fully immersive sci-fi experience.

Design + Animation: Harrison Vincent