Player Zero
CG Trailer

My good friend and collaborator (Weight of Thought) reached out to see if I wanted to help co-direct and animate an awesome sci-fi trailer for Heavy Metal / Player Zero HQ. I couldn't say YES!!! fast enough. Over the course of 2 months we storyboarded/designed/sculpted/textured/animated all of the environments and characters to give the world it's first look at Player Zero. Such a fun project with so many moving parts from start to finish. Player Zero is not just a record label, they are a movement. They bridge music, science fiction, and storytelling for an intergalactic experience across the metaverse and beyond.

Direction | Design | Animation: Harrison Vincent, Victor Dimitrov (Weight of Thought)

Robo & Bike Design: Alex Dimitrov

Animation Support: Derek Superville

Client: Heavy Metal / Player Zero (Matthew Medney)

Production Stills
Process case study coming soon!