The Heiress
Title Design

Every studio has intentions of doing one big, awesome passion project, but few ever get off of the ground. Clients start calling, overhead increases, and they get shelved. “The Heiress” title sequence was our big internal passion project @ Spillt in 2017. This project was a huge learning experience, employing all of our skills and techniques to fully realize the mood and mystery surrounding the Winchester mansion and it’s family’s secrets. Not only being a great vehicle for artistic growth, this piece was a finalist in the 2018 Motion Awards for “Best Title Sequence”.

Executive Producer: Rebecca Olson
Senior Producer: Julie Morrandez
Creative Directors: Ryan Bramwell, Ed Rhine
Editor/Colorist: Herman Nieuwoudt
Design: Harrison Vincent, Samantha Mireles, Jason Oberg, Miles Petrock
2D/3D Animation: Harrison Vincent, Samantha Mireles, Jason Oberg
Storyboarding/Illustration: Jamie Givens
3D Modeling: Derek Superville, Jon Drobil
Compositing: Harrison Vincent, Ed Rhine, Samantha Mireles
Audio: Dynamite Laser Beam